About Us


Coelho Construction has been in business since 2000 serving the commonwealth of Massachusetts and Rhode Island for the past 8 years. Our services completely cover your home needs including flooring, additions, custom homes, remodeling and energy efficient services.


Although there are many contractors available in the area, what sets Coelho Construction apart is the quality, timely, and reputable history of workmanship since the company’s inception many years ago. Coelho Construction has always kept in mind that you need quality to build your dreams.


Coelho Construction is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has established our work in the area that many of our past clients are proud to inform you about. Coelho Construction is also a leader in home energy efficiency techniques. Whether you are looking for energy efficient windows or home auditing services due to rising energy costs, Coelho Construction is on the forefront with you.


 Contact Coelho construction today for your free estimate and remember we always have the “Quality To Build Your Dreams”.



Mission Statement


Coelho construction is a modern, definitive answer to all your home needs. Our goals are to build everything you have ever imagined under one roof. Our commitment to quality workmanship, profitability and environmental stewardship has provided us with competitive advantage that has sustained us for well over 8 years.


Whether you need a new bedroom for that new baby or sunroom for that quiet peaceful day in the sun, Coelho Construction is there to meet your needs. Whether you need that basement finished or your utility bills lowered, Coelho Construction is here for you. 


Our relationships with customers, manufacturers, suppliers and local businesses is key to our continued progress in serving your needs. We have established ourselves well above the competition to enhance our ability and grow as a business. Our mission is to always value and keep our relationships full of fun, humor, detail, and creative goals.


Coelho Construction's goals are to always offer free estimates, affordable, quality workmanship and environmental services that suit your needs of today and beyond.  We offer these services at the highest level knowing that your expectations of us are set high from the start. We look forward to always providing the "Quality To Build Your Dreams".